shut up and just wait already…

so i was listening to the David Crowder Band today and there is a line in the song, Here is Our King
where he sings, "be quiet now and wait". in fact it seems that is a
recurring theme throughout several songs on the Collision CD.

is just something about that particular line that always grabs my heart
and doesn’t let go… wait for Him… to come and take care of the mess
of this world… to bring us back to Him… to bring us back to His
love… to bring us to His home.  as Christians we are ultimately in a
waiting room……

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random opinion poll…

have been told by two very different sources this morning that i look
"rock star". i for one don’t think i look all that different than usual
except for maybe the fact that my hair is getting a bit longer and i am
wearing lip gloss…

seeing as how i am kinda of bored… yet
of course… extremely busy… i thought i would take a moment and post
an opinion poll today.

rock star yes? or rock star no?

thank you and good day to you…

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true obedience

you ever truly been obedient? i mean that… truly … no hindrance…
no second guessing… no whining… no questions asked… just obedient… flat out obedient right away…?

i can honestly say i have never done that.

was never and am not rebellious by nature but sin always seems to enter
in my decision-making when it comes to obedience. not quote, "BAD SIN"
— just the discontent in not wanting to do something. when i am first
told to do a particular thing i really don’t want to do or really don’t
feel like doing i turn into a two-year old -…

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whew…. what a ride!

you know that as humans we are out of control? I know we make our own
decisions and are blessed with free will… but control is not
something I believe we ever truly possess… only God has control and
it has become quite clear that in certain areas of my life – control
was deeply and completely out of my hands. *enter dramatic music here*

I was unexpectedly tossed into a difficult emotional situation…
almost ridiculous… (ok yes… ridiculous) but here towards the end of
it all – turned into quite the extraordinary learning experience. Yes,
I am being vague and will…

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would you like my jacket with that?

night i attended a wedding… so "enter girly emotional feelings" here.
not just because of the wedding and the love in the air – but because
of other girly emotional issues i am dealing with… but to add to the
character of the post – weddings lately have really aggravated me for
just the basic reason of "i want that and why can’t i hate it?" "where
is my content in my singleness?" or the real kicker, "why am i single
when every one around me seems to be finding some one?"


selfish and ridiculous "problems" were swiftly…

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