… and the Beginning of a New One

See I am doing a new thing! Isaiah 43:19 (NIV)

Welcome friends (new and old) to what I hope will be something pretty amazing. A Dirty Girls Ministries blog is something that has been a long time coming and I could not be more excited to see it come to fruition today.

The idea behind this project is to take what the Dirty Girls Ministries website offers now—and expand it to address many different areas of brokenness among women in the Christian community.

However, my voice will not be the only one you’ll hear.

We’ve created this platform to be a collabrative effort…

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The End of an Era …

In June of 2009… I took a break from blogging in order to clear my head and figure out what in the heck I was supposed to be doing. I returned 2 months later with the announcement that I was would be launching Dirty Girls Ministries.

It is evident now that was the right move.
I am blown away by all that’s been happening.
And things are only just getting started.

But since returning to this space 7 months ago—I have been struggling. Maybe you’ve even noticed.

But in midst of this struggle, I’ve come to realize that I am not who I was…

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What Would Jesus Email?

Upon arrival to work this morning, one of the first emails I read was one sent from Jesus Christ.

Yes, I’m serious (you can read the email by clicking on the image below).


Basically the email says that if I don’t follow through with its instruction of sending my name, email and phone number (which why does “He” need my email address if “He” sent me an email already) that I could reap spiritual consequences.

Obviously, this is a SPAM email. And I got a good laugh on an otherwise typical Monday…

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I Have a Beef with Old Navy

Perhaps I am too sensitive.
Or perhaps I am totally right on.
You can decide that for yourself.

Here recently the commercials from Old Navy have become more and more odd in their delivery.

Their “supermodelquins” ad campaign was already weird. But now they’ve taken it to a new level that has actually been rubbing me the wrong way.

This new ad campaign is a spoof of America’s Next Top Model but with real girls competing to become “The Next Supermodelquin.” They get elimiated as they fail to live up to a mannequin’s standards of poise and beauty. Even going as far as…

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Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything


Just a random post for a snowy Friday…

At risk of appearing narcissistic (not my intention), I thought we could do a fun thing today… where you ask me a question about my life, likes, dislikes, hobbies, job, ministry, quiz me with pop culture trivia… honestly, whatever you can come up with AND as long as it is of a semi-appropriate nature, I will answer it.

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything!

Oh, and I will post my answers in the comment section throughout the day/weekend.

So, be sure to check…

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Thoughts from Brennan Manning

My LifeGroup is currently reading, “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning. The following comes from our latest chapter.

“Living by grace inspires a growing consciousness that I am what I am in the sight of Jesus and nothing more. It is His approval that counts. Making our home in Jesus, as He makes His in us, leads to creative listening: Has it crossed your mind that I am proud you accepted the gift of faith I offered you? Proud that you freely choose Me, after I had chosen you, as your friend and Lord? Proud that, with all your warts…

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New Addition to Resume

After many years of making a name for myself, my employers and my ministries using social media … I have decided to provide my services to the public. And I won’t lie to you—the incentive for extra cash this time of year is nice. If the following interests you or you know someone that it may, I hope you will contact me or relay the information. Thank you!

– – – – – – –


If your company, organization or brand isn’t marketing through social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even blogging,…

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Weird Pictures, Odd Memory, Random Trivia

Next week, my dad’s side of the family is gathering in the St. Louis area for a family reunion, of a sort. My grandma is turning 85 next week and my grandpa turned 85 earlier this year. We’re celebrating these milestones with a gathering of my immediate family, my aunts & uncles, my cousins, etc. We haven’t all been together in about 7 years.

I was asked to put together a video slideshow of pictures of the whole family.

While going through old pictures I found this one:


There are 2 things…

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The Tears that Flow, or Not…

Study: On average, women spend 20,000 hours crying in their lifetime.

That seems a bit excessive.

I’ll be honest: I’m not much of a crier. In fact, most of my tears are generally reserved for episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Folger’s Coffee commercials (like one where the son comes home Christmas morning and surprises his family). My mom, on the other hand, cries at the drop of a hat. And I mean, happy – sad – whatever.

Psalm 56:8 says, God keeps record of our tears in a bottle. So, I wonder if we all have a certain # of them. Is…

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You Write the Past 25 Years


(picture is me at approx. 18-24 months old).

Well, it is here—the week I turn 25—on Thursday to be exact.

And I’ll be honest with you: I am getting so excited. Birthdays are birthdays (regardless of the number) and all I want is for Thursday to get here faster. I don’t have a lot of plans, but I am looking forward to seeing New Moon with my sister-in-law at midnight, getting a few cards in the mail (thank you, Grandma) and hopefully reach $2500 for Blood:Water Mission.

I have been…

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