Ask Crystal & Jenni

In case you didn’t know from reading my Twitter, I am actually in Portland, OR. I am vacationing, working on Dirty Girls stuff and doing a little bit of writing. So, it may be a little quiet around here this week.

In Portland, I am staying with my friend Jenni Clayville. She’s quite hospitable… that is, when I am not cleaning her kitchen or chasing one of her kids around. While I am here visiting, we thought it would be fun to have a Q&A session together.

Ask anything. About me. About her. About us.
Serious or Silly… just ask.

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Random Question Friday

We’ll see how long this lasts, but I’ve decided to do something new here on Fridays with “Random Question Friday…” Generally, the question will be silly or funny – but every once in a while it may just be thought-provoking. Who knows. So, without further adieu…

– – – – – –

What totally grosses you out?

– – – – – –

Me: Bruised bananas. Not only are they mushy and slimy, but they also exude a rotten/sweet smell from across the room. Today, someone at work thought it would be funny to leave a nasty, bruised banana on my desk….

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New Comment System

I launched the use of Intense Debate as my blog comment system today. We may run into issues, we may not. But I wanted you to know that the new functionality is on purpose. Don’t try to adjust your computer screens.

So, let’s test out the new system with a little game…


-been to Disneyland
-broken a bone
-spent the night in a hospital

What about you?

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Happy Birthday, Sashimi!


So, one year ago this month I brought home a new baby, Sashimi. You all helped to name him and I must say, the name has fit him perfectly. Considering all he has been put through, I honestly can’t believe he’s survived a whole year in my care.

*I dropped him in the sink one time as I changed the water in his bowl. I picked him up with my hands cause I had no idea what else to do.
*I have given him water-shock at least a half dozen…

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My Autobiography

Okay people, this is unfortunately a cop-out post. I was too busy in Portland to post a lot, and since getting home though I have had great intentions on writing some sort of recap post or something else of interest, I am just too tired. Thank you once again to Facebook for giving me something to do in the interim.

Bear with me… real posts are coming soon (believe me that I have a million thoughts flowing, ready to pour out).

My Autobiography

Where did you take your Facebook profile picture?
Portland, OR… umm, what is called the Riverfront? Something like that.

What exactly…

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Beautifully Unconventional

Tam Hodge. Jenni Clayville.

If you never get the privilege of spending even 5 minutes with these 2 women in real life… you will have lived an unfulfilled life.


I can’t believe there was a time in history when the internet and technology were not a part of our lives. Some people say that the internet and all of this social media mumbo-jumbo is creating fake intimacy. Fake relationships.

But I say to you now… just look.

Without blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. I would not even be in Portland this weekend….

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Changing the World, One State at a Time

Okay, so one of my “less than world-changing goals,” is to visit all 50 states within my lifetime. Today, I will be able to cross one off my list as I am heading to Oregon. A state I’ve never been to before. And if I can convince Jenni, I will also head over to Washington during this trip and be able to cross that one off my list as well.

Exciting times, people.

While it would increase how many I’ve crossed off, I feel It is important for you to know that I don’t count it as “visiting” if I…

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