On Being the Church’s Third Wheel

the-third-wheelThe month of February means red, white & pink bouquets, chalky heart-shaped candies, discounts on dating sites and of course… a marriage series at every church in America. 

Being single or divorced in the Church during the month of February is like being at the kid’s table on Thanksgiving. A marriage series is cute and all, but it’s not enough to simply say, “store this away for later” to the non-marrieds in the crowd—while carrying on with four solid weeks on how to be a better husband, a better wife or for you…

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What if We’re Single on Purpose?

The following post is adapted from some notes of a message I gave last year on singleness. And shocker… I am actually single and not a married woman sharing about how hard it is to be single and how sorry I am that you’re still single. Yeah, I’ve read those posts and heard those messages too. Lately, you, the single woman like me, have been on my heart. Perhaps it’s the holidays. Perhaps it’s because I am inching closer to 30. I don’t know. I just thought it was time to share this post. I am not saying this…

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All the Single Ladies

The following post was written by friend Krissie Allen. She can be found messing around at http://www.kraedesign.com/blog. She wrote this guest post many, many months ago while I was in South Africa. I decided to re-post her entry today because well, it is totally resonating with me right now. And is something I am finding myself thinking about more and more—the closer I get to my birthday next month (the big 2-5). I don’t know if there are any single ladies reading today this who can also resonate, but I hope you find encouragement here. You’re not alone.



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a lesson for dumb boys

on behalf of all single women in the world i write this post.

within the first 5 minutes of meeting a guy who isn’t wearing a ring (we always check) and “could be the one”, a girl has already planned her wedding and picked out baby names with this guy in mind. it’s just the nature of the single woman. guys, we have a plea. if you are otherwise taken or engaged, don’t lead us on for days and days. seeking a friendship only or not, make your “status” known to us within those first 5 minutes to prevent our…

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simply strategic and God is frickin’ huge

we are hosting the wiredchurches.com workshops today (tuesday). these workshops consist of 1) communications 2) first impressions 3) volunteers. i’ve been to the communication workshop before so i am excited because i am attending the volunteer workshop lead by the simply strategic guys, Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens.  I am excited because this kind of workshop is TOTALLY different for me. but alas, one of my latest roles in the creative department at Westside is to implement volunteers to serve on our creative team. i am excited to learn how to effectively recruit and train…

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i think i’ve become captivatingly wild at heart

ever tire of being single?

disclaimer: before you keep reading just know this post comes from the emotional heart of an almost 22 year old, incredibly single christian girl who just watched “Run Away Bride”. a movie about a girl who leaves 5 men at the alter… yes 5 … and gets Richard Gere at the end. yes… i know it is supposed to be a romantic comedy… but what is discouraging when watching something like that is I can’t even get one guy. this may bring some embarrassment later – to reveal my heart like this – but this…

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