Fifty Shades: Not Your Mother’s Romance Novel

I’ve been asked by several people if I would please address the #1 New York Times bestselling erotic fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s series of counterparts.

As someone who has not read it and as someone who has no plans to read it, it’s difficult for me to denounce an entire series of books without anything more than the understanding that it’s a sexually graphic fictional novel.

But that’s actually enough for me.

As we know here at Dirty Girls Ministries, erotic fiction or…

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Review: Matthew Paul Turner’s “Hear No Evil”

Think about your favorite song.
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I’ll be honest with you: Hear No Evil is the first of Matthew Paul Turner‘s books I’ve ever read. However, I do read his blog and have for several years. Any every once in a while, he’ll post something I actually agree with. Ha!

But Hear No Evil resonated with me ways that few books ever have. And that is because it speaks about something I am greatly passionate about: MUSIC

“Good music changes me, shocks me, makes me feel uncomfortable, and drives me to think and hope and…

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Light in a Dark Place


When I was handed “Jesus Loves You this I Know” by Craig Gross and Jason Harper for review, I was so excited to dive into it. I have been a huge fan of these guys and for a such a long time and I knew they wouldn’t hold anything back. And I was right.

“Jesus Loves You this I Know” is a refreshingly simple book but with a hugely powerful message. The message of Jesus’ love is one that breathes, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, you are loved. With the greatest of all commandments…

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Biased Review of Mad Church Disease

Anne Jackson’s Mad Church Disease is the single, greatest book out on the market today. Okay, so like I said — this is a biased review. I can’t be unbiased. The author is my BFF after all — but I will do my best to give a fair review of her book.


Mad Church Disease discusses the epidemic of ministry burnout in today’s contemporary church. Anne brings this touchy subject to light using real-life stories of not only tragedy, but redemption and healing for those who have been affected by this disease.

But when Anne mentioned to me that she…

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An Album Review & Easter too

I’ve never done this before, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

Inspired by the music during our Easter services at Westside, I now want to do an album review. Being that I sang during all 7 services held at our main campus, I grew quite familar.

Steve Fee – Burn for You


For me Steve Fee is a new even though I guess he’s been around Passion for a while and now does a lot with Student Life. Anyway, we did two songs off of his sophomore album, “Burn for You” for…

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