What if We’re Single on Purpose?

The following post is adapted from some notes of a message I gave last year on singleness. And shocker… I am actually single and not a married woman sharing about how hard it is to be single and how sorry I am that you’re still single. Yeah, I’ve read those posts and heard those messages too. Lately, you, the single woman like me, have been on my heart. Perhaps it’s the holidays. Perhaps it’s because I am inching closer to 30. I don’t know. I just thought it was time to share this post. I am not saying this…

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Fifty Shades: Not Your Mother’s Romance Novel

I’ve been asked by several people if I would please address the #1 New York Times bestselling erotic fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s series of counterparts.

As someone who has not read it and as someone who has no plans to read it, it’s difficult for me to denounce an entire series of books without anything more than the understanding that it’s a sexually graphic fictional novel.

But that’s actually enough for me.

As we know here at Dirty Girls Ministries, erotic fiction or…

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5 Years Ago… One Confession to Start it All

Below is the very first post I ever wrote pertaining to pornography addiction. The post was my own confession of my past addiction to porn that I shared with the readers of a blog I once owned called, “Pink Haired Girl.”

Anyone around still remember that girl? 😀

A couple of years ago, I closed that blog and moved everything over here. So the posts remain as the reminders of where we came from. As you can see from the date above, it was 5 years ago that I…

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