Running the Race for Gold

With the Olympics on our televisions every night, there’s been a lot of talk about several athletes breaking records for the number of medals being won by an athlete in a single Olympic games. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps now has 28 medals over the course of four Olympics, of which 23 are gold. 23 gold medals! I read recently that if Michael Phelps were his own country, he would rank 59th as the most decorated country since the first summer Olympics held in 1898.

As for me, I have often said that if dropping my phone without it breaking were…

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Dirty Girls Come Clean Podcast: Episode 4

In Episode 4, hosts Crystal Renaud and Jenny Miller sit down with Hookers for Jesus founder Annie Lobert to discuss her new book “Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry & Into the Arms of the Savior“, her harrowing experience in human sex trafficking, and her participation in our upcoming WHOLE Women Weekend. In addition, we warn you about some provocative new television shows coming soon to your living room.

For complete show notes and to enter to win Annie’s book, click here.

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My (Likely) Unpopular Thoughts on World Vision

UPDATE 03/26/2014 – 4pm

What’s more difficult than making a controversial decision? Admitting you were wrong and reversing that decision. I am amazed at the change of heart by World Vision’s leadership with this latest statement: World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages

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When I started up with blogging again—one of the things I said I wanted to do was use my voice to speak boldly at a time in our culture when it seems easier to just speak what’s comfortable.


I wish…

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Dirty Girls Update

If you’re in the Facebook Group for Dirty Girls, you received some of the following in a message earlier this week. But I wanted to write you all here in a bit more detail.

First, thank you for your partnership with “Dirty Girls: The New Porn Addicts.” I have been so overwhelmed by the support and the feedback this project has received so far.

Over 125 surveys have been submitted since the site’s February 10 launch. These are from women all over the country (and even a few from around the world). What’s amazing about what has been submitted…

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So, I’m Writing a Book… WHAT?!

I know the bondage of sexual sin and addiction. Since the age of 10, I have struggled with some form it. What I’ve noticed in my 14+ years of experience is the lack of resources for women to find freedom. Sure, there’s some of books about porn and sexual addiction for men. But try and find something targeted at women that shows a real woman’s story, biblical and relevant tools for overcoming the struggle that also provides hope, and you will be hard pressed to find anything. I know, because I’ve looked! I spent years in bondage just looking…

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Prostitution Should Be Legal

The following post stems from a conversation I had with a couple of my co-workers recently. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

In this country, legalized abortion says that a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. So, why shouldn’t she also have the right to prostitute herself for money? After all, it is her body and she should have the choice to do whatever she wants with it.

Okay… obviously I am being sarcastic. But follow me here for a moment.

The argument that pro-choicers give for legalizing abortion is that it is…

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