Join Us at Convergence

I want to announce a speaking date that I have coming up on September 25th in the Detroit area. Join me and Nicole Wick as we discuss God, sex, sin, and the power of community. If you’re in the Detroit area we would love for you to join us!

More info and registration HERE. (Only $15!!)

We’ll also be joined by our friends at Covenant Eyes who will be offering some Christian based solutions for internet safety, accountability, and filtering.

If you’re wondering what Convergence is, here is…

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Silence is Quiet

Since it has been a while I have posted and has been kinda quiet around here… this is unfortunately an obligatory, “hey I’m not dead” kind of post. I have been consumed with writing my first…message…ever. But I am finally giving it tonight and will be back to the ole blog on Wednesday.

I am speaking on the topic of Character… and I felt it fitting to leave you all with one question to ponder (and answer) today.

Louie Giglio has this great quote:

“Follow the trail of your time, your affection, your energy, your money and your allegiance. At the…

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