My (Likely) Unpopular Thoughts on World Vision

UPDATE 03/26/2014 – 4pm

What’s more difficult than making a controversial decision? Admitting you were wrong and reversing that decision. I am amazed at the change of heart by World Vision’s leadership with this latest statement: World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages

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When I started up with blogging again—one of the things I said I wanted to do was use my voice to speak boldly at a time in our culture when it seems easier to just speak what’s comfortable.


I wish…

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Help Haiti with Compassion International


If you’re saying to yourself, “I want to help with the disaster caused by the Haiti earthquake but don’t where to begin,” might I suggest:

Compassion International

The catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12 has resulted in unfathomable chaos and devastation for hundreds of thousands of children and families. Compassion sponsors and donors serve more than 65,000 children in Haiti. At least a third of them live in the areas that were hardest hit.

I am asking you to please send a generous gift today to help precious children and…

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Project 365: January 13, 2010

Like so many, I woke up on Wednesday morning very aware of the magnitude of devastation in Haiti. The reality is… we don’t know the reality of it.


Disaster brings about the best and worst in all of us. We speak a big game about wanting to help—and some do. But the majority won’t and instead, we will pass judgement on something someone says. Even though his ministry is doing a great, great work to help Haiti.

We make words bigger than the disaster. Bigger than lives.
Don’t let what…

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El Salvador

November 9-13, 2009, four bloggers will witness firsthand the ministry of Compassion International to the poor of El Salvador. Pray for their families they’ll leave behind, their spiritual and physical health, their ability to take in a lot of information and experience a lot of emotions and find the words to write about it.

Visit this page daily to travel with them through their stories, pictures and videos.

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Please Say Hello to Renuka

For many months now, I have been wrestling with the desire to sponsor a third child from Compassion International. But I kept telling myself, “I really don’t have the extra cash,” “I’m just a poor, single girl” or “I already sponsor 2 children, isn’t that enough?” And I lived with those rationalizations for a while. Until now.

To make it possible to sponsor my first two kids in the first place, I had to give up things that I loved for something I love even more: these amazing kids. I gave up People Magazine, daily runs to my…

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Eat Dirt

My post today is in response to Global Food Crisis Day.


Did you know there are people in this world who eat dirt just to calm their hunger pains? No joke. In Haiti, this is becoming a growing trend referred to as “dirt cookies.” It is combination of dirty (clay), salt and vegetable shortening and while it does fill their stomachs in a desperate attempt to prolong their lives… it is actually killing them.

So, why are they doing this?

Food prices around the world have spiked because of…

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Free Song: Kingdom Coming

When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago for Anne’s book reading, Shaun Groves led worship. He sang one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard called “Kingdom Coming.” Lucky for you (and for me) he has it available for free on his website.

Check out this little video where he speaks on the Good News taught by Jesus in the first chapter of the gospel of Mark. And then download the song “Kingdom Coming” right here.

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Lunch Money Challenge

The global food crisis is forcing millions to go hungry. Please join us TODAY, for Compassion International’s Day of Prayer and Fasting. This is the day we will honor the victims of the global food crisis and pray for them.

One thing I am going to do as a part of my participation in this day of prayer and fasting… is donate the money I would have spent on eating out at lunch to Compassion’s Global Food Crisis Fund.

And that is my challenge for you as well.


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