My Response to the Naysayers

A little over a year ago, I agreed to be interviewed for a secular women’s magazine. The reporter presented the article to me in such a way that they were really interested in female pornography addiction and wanted to feature it.

So initially it seemed like a good idea. Chalk it up to the inexperience and gullibility of a newbie.

She was friendly. She asked the right kind of questions. She even commended our work. But then the article was released—and I was immediately filled with regret.

Instead of writing an article about the issue of female porn addiction, the reporter’s…

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Your Story in “Dirty Girls” the Book

For my forthcoming book “Dirty Girls”, I’m collecting the stories of women who have experienced an addiction to pornography.

Whether you’d still consider yourself addicted or have found victory from your struggle, I would like to read your story for possible inclusion in my book. God never wastes an experience. Perhaps this is your opportunity to have yours used by Him to help others out of the dark.

Email me your 750-1000 word stories by Wednesday, September 1 to the address — I’d also appreciate just a “heads-up” email letting me know you’ll be submitting it.

Stories should include 1) how…

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Where Did “PinkHairedGirl” Go?

My single greatest takeaway from Echo Conference was Rhett Smith’s breakout on “Not Losing Yourself in Social Media.”

About six months ago I left my old blog ( behind to focus solely on Dirty Girls Ministries. But I kept “pinkhairedgirl” on Twitter because it is a name that people knew and I didn’t want to lose that draw. Even at the conference people seemed to know me first as “PinkHairedGirl” before they really knew my name.

The problem with that is I am not PinkHairedGirl. But I had become lost in her. My identity was being found in how others…

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Check Out What’s New

Just wanted to share with you what’s new over at the Dirty Girls Ministries website. Check it out for yourself or get the lowdown below.

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We are very excited to announce the addition of a discussion forum to our website. Meet other women struggling with pornography addiction, share your own story, submit prayer requests, pray for others and much more. We pray this forum will expand our reach and bring hope to even more women feeling they are alone in their addiction right now. Visit the forum today!


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This Was a New Experience

Earlier this week I had the privilege of visiting Covenant Eyes in Owosso, MI. I was invited by FireTrigger to be featured in a documentary title, “Scratching the Surface.” This documentary will feature some of the leading minds on the issue of pornography… and me… discussing how to equip people on the battle of pornography addiction today.

I am so excited and immensely humbled to be a part of this project and be the voice for millions of women addicted to pornography. This was an incredible opportunity for networking and for a real synergy among those…

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God WILL Use Your Story

I am writing this post today with an incredibly overwhelmed heart.

October 1996: My porn addiction began at 10 years old.

October 1999: Started attending church at Westside.

July 2000: I accepted Christ at church camp… but still actively engaged in pornography and sexual addiction when I got home.

November 2003. I had just revealed my porn addiction for the first time. I was in the beginning of my recovery. I was beginning to know what it meant to be accountable to my behavior. Not just to someone else, but ultimately to God.

February 2004: I started working at Westside in an…

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Project 365: January 26-February 1, 2010

I know I am totally cheating with this post. I have been majorly slacking in the picture taking arena as of late. Thank you for the grace and not pointing that out.

A LOT has been going on. A LOT of amazing things. A LOT I could delve into but I won’t just yet. But I’m back and will do my very best keep things updated.

Today’s pictures come from last weekend (and the reason the last week has been dead around here).

I was a breakout speaker at the National Coalition Women of Virtue Conference on Friday/Saturday. WOW! And did…

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GIVEAWAY: Women of Virtue Conference (WINNER!)

Congratulations to Rose Faherty… you’ve won a free ticket to Women of Virtue here in Kansas City—THIS WEEKEND!

(if for some reason Rose is now unable to attend the conference, I will redraw a new winner).

EVERYONE should know that the first day of the conference (Friday, January 29 from 7-9pm) is open and free to the public. Come check it and if you decide you want to attend on Saturday…. you can register on Friday night.


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If you are a woman struggling with a pornography addiction, there’s hope! Register now for one of Dirty Girls Ministries‘ upcoming Online Recovery Groups. These groups are designed to help women just like you, overcome pornography addition through accountability, biblical tools and loving support.

Last day to register for our Fall 2009 groups is Friday, Sept. 25.


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Farting Rainbows

Well, if you follow my twitter you have seen me vaguely referring to some recent family drama. This is all causing a lot of pain for my family right now and we’re in need of prayer. Particularly my brother and his family (which I hope you will commit to). While I am not going to post in detail what is going on (I want to protect my family’s privacy and dignity) I did want to write something on my blog this week.

Something… in the light of the fact that my writing has been null and almost void as…

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