The Black & White of Fifty Shades of Grey

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many women will flock to their local theater to see Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the widely popular film and erotic book series Fifty Shades of Grey. There is a significant irony about linking a holiday about love and romance with a film that glorifies the use of BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism) through manipulation and coercion in a relationship.

While the Fifty Shades of Grey series is often categorized as a romance, it actually normalizes a very serious issue in today’s culture: sexual violence against women. Just like in mainstream pornography, the Fifty Shades…

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Your Kid is Watching Porn: A Word of Warning for Parents That’s Worth Sharing

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 12.19.26 AMI am not a parent. I am not even married. But it is no surprise that I was once a kid who encountered porn and became a porn-addicted teen. For me, it all began when I was just 10 years old.

This image is me at the age of 10… just a few months after the discovery of a pornographic magazine in my brother’s bathroom that catapulted me into an 8-year addiction to porn and other sexual behaviors. I show it to you so that you can see with…

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Fifty Shades: Not Your Mother’s Romance Novel

I’ve been asked by several people if I would please address the #1 New York Times bestselling erotic fiction, Fifty Shades of Grey and it’s series of counterparts.

As someone who has not read it and as someone who has no plans to read it, it’s difficult for me to denounce an entire series of books without anything more than the understanding that it’s a sexually graphic fictional novel.

But that’s actually enough for me.

As we know here at Dirty Girls Ministries, erotic fiction or…

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Cheapening God’s Grace

Last night I found a “goals” type of school paper I wrote when I was just 16 years old. Behind pretty words about my newfound faith and elaborate life goals hid a girl who was hopeless.

A girl entangled by pornography and sexual addiction.

I clearly remember when I wrote this paper. It was the beginning of my junior year. My teacher at the time “Mr. Boothe” asked us to write a paper on what we hoped to accomplish during the remainder of our high school careers and what we hoped…

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GIVEAWAY: Women of Virtue Conference (WINNER!)

Congratulations to Rose Faherty… you’ve won a free ticket to Women of Virtue here in Kansas City—THIS WEEKEND!

(if for some reason Rose is now unable to attend the conference, I will redraw a new winner).

EVERYONE should know that the first day of the conference (Friday, January 29 from 7-9pm) is open and free to the public. Come check it and if you decide you want to attend on Saturday…. you can register on Friday night.


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Dirty Girls Update

If you’re in the Facebook Group for Dirty Girls, you received some of the following in a message earlier this week. But I wanted to write you all here in a bit more detail.

First, thank you for your partnership with “Dirty Girls: The New Porn Addicts.” I have been so overwhelmed by the support and the feedback this project has received so far.

Over 125 surveys have been submitted since the site’s February 10 launch. These are from women all over the country (and even a few from around the world). What’s amazing about what has been submitted…

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So, I’m Writing a Book… WHAT?!

I know the bondage of sexual sin and addiction. Since the age of 10, I have struggled with some form it. What I’ve noticed in my 14+ years of experience is the lack of resources for women to find freedom. Sure, there’s some of books about porn and sexual addiction for men. But try and find something targeted at women that shows a real woman’s story, biblical and relevant tools for overcoming the struggle that also provides hope, and you will be hard pressed to find anything. I know, because I’ve looked! I spent years in bondage just looking…

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It’s a Slow Fade

at Westside, we’re currently in a series about covenants. last sunday was the topic of purity. a powerful message for many to hear. the video a little further down was sung in the middle of the service and spoke volumes to me personally.

We are not supposed to do indecent things with our bodies. We are to use them for the Lord who is in charge of our bodies . . . Don’t you know that your bodies are part of the body of Christ? Don’t be immoral in matters of sex. That is a sin against your own body…

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