— a division of Living on Purpose — exists to provide women with help, hope, and healing from pornography and sexual addiction through safe, confidential online community and access to unique recovery resources such as weekly accountability groups outlined below. Formerly Dirty Girls Ministries founded by Crystal Renaud Day in February of 2009, SheRecovery has streamlined into a place where women can find fellowship and support from other women all across the world.


What: SheRecovery Virtual Recovery Meetings hosted by Crystal Renaud Day, MAPC. These weekly meetings are designed to provide women who struggle with addiction with accountability, recovery tools, spiritual growth, prayer, and more. Women are encouraged to attend each week, seek an accountability partner at the meetings to connect with day to day, and join the SheRecovery Online Community for further support.

Who: For women who struggle with porn, sex, or love addiction

When: Every Wednesday at 7:00pm central (with no end date!)

Where: Zoom Web Conference (via webcam or by phone)

How: Enroll below! Begin anytime. Cancel anytime.

Cost: Whether you attend one meeting, two meetings, or every meeting each month, participation is a nominal flat fee of $20 upon enrollment and a $20 recurring monthly fee auto-deducted the first day of each month thereafter.

Note: Effective April 2, 2020, whether you enroll on the 2nd, 15th, or the 30th of a month, you will be auto-deducted the recurring monthly fee on the first of the next month after enrollment date. Example: if you sign up on the 14th of October, you will be charged the enrollment fee of $20 and your subscription will renew again for $20 on November 1. Keep this in mind as you enroll.